Sunday Summation

Tomorrow is the first day of my new... routine.
Time to buckle down--again. Get off my pity party and find the direction to go.

Writing goal:
Short term, sub one of my Single Titles to Entangled Publishing. I'm going through a few small edits.

Long term, PRAY, and write. hahaha. It's true though. Part of me wonders if this loss of work isn't some kind of sign from God. But you know, with most of my work of the last several months gone, I've got nothing to lose.

5am -- wake up call, write for one hour, no internet/social media
...followed by lots of your regularly scheduled programming: kids, housework, kids, errands, meals, kids...
8pm -- kids bedtime, write for one and a half hours

So, that's two and a half hours of writing work a day. Like hell if that's not enough time to get something done! Right?

Wish me luck, and if you're the praying sort, I could use some.
With Love,