Editing Again

I'm almost done editing a ms, one that I subbed at the beginning of the year.
I never heard back from the publisher so I'm polishing it--again. And will send it out at the end of September back to the publisher with a little note about when I subbed it and if anyone would be interested in seeing it.

In October, I'm going to write a short story. I actually was thinking of finding a cover and writing a story inspired by that...rather than the other way around. Could be fun, ya know? And different. Time to work a few brain muscles, ya know?

November is Novel Writing Month, NanoWrimo, and I'm joining in with my YA Time Travel that I started when we were still in GA. WW2 story...

That's two new stories before the end of the year. December, I'll take off, in a manner of speaking...putz around doing this or that. Put a plan together for the New Year, etc.

I feel solid. Those are serious goals. Makes me feel better. :D

A big thanks to my husband who works his butt off to provide for his family.
I love that Man!