I'm still here

Usually, I don't like to write blogs that start with... I'm still here! Or, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long... or the ever popular, I'm back! I figure, if I'm not posting, it doesn't come in the feed or whatever you use to surf blogs...therefore, out of sight, out of mind, eh?

I'm officially on my computer in my own home with my own connection. Thank you dear Lord, baby Jesus.

Stolen, security-less internet doesn't really work that well. :P

In case you're curious... I had a mishap with my writing technology. I've lost a good bit of work over the last few weeks. I am horribly disappointed in myself over it. Mostly what this means is that I've had to take a step back... In doing so, I wonder what the heck to do next. Try to piece it all back together? Or start new.

Hard to leave things behind. I think I will work to get some of the lost material back. But in the end, who knows? If it doesn't work, perhaps this is just a sign to move on. Start something new. I'm just disappointed that the manuscript I was working on for publication will have to put off for a while longer. Might take a few extra weeks or more to rewrite.

It's a little depressing...and that, in and of itself, makes it hard to work. :P

But we [stupid heads who didn't back up!] must carry on. I'll keep you posted.
Have a great rest of the week.
With Love,