Happy Friday!

Another week closer to our new home...
Another week closer to a new release!!

I'm working my way through a final revision in hopes of getting my new book, Dark Summer, out the first week of September. Like the name suggests, it's not the light contemporary romance I published in June. It's a bit grittier but it will still capture your heart and the characters will leave you wanting more. Most of all, I think you'll recognize them. A married couple, you'll see yourself in their relationship... the best of all relationships: marriage--irritations, flaws, quirks, all mixed with the grace and humor that makes a good couple last.

I'll have a cover for you soon. Wheee! ...ha, hopefully anyway. I have to contact my cover lady and see when she can get a cover done. All tentative... so I can't give you dates yet.

But now I'm somewhat accountable and with the kids starting school soon, it's time to buckle down, I guess. :P Yuck. It's so easy to sit around and stare at the mountains! They're just sitting there! Always there, begging for attention.

Enjoy the weekend friends.
With Love,