What to Control

As often happens after [sometimes crappy] meaningful events, I've been reflecting.

One. There's not much we control. We make choices, yes. But actually controlling life... not so much. Most of the time, I only control my reactions.

But I woke on Saturday and it hit me. There are a few things I can control.
Like what I eat and how I exercise. So I got up and walked. 
I'm the cliche exerciser... start something, never follow through.
I won't say, this time it's going to different, cuz it probably won't be. haha. 

But, I need to control something! :P
My goal is to walk every day until we get settled in Colorado.
Once there, I'll figure something out.

Am I a control freak?
I think not...
I don't refill the dishwasher. 
I don't do all the Christmas shopping.
I don't do all the packing or cooking or cleaning....just so it's done correctly.

er, wait. I guess I do do that. [I just said doodoo] :D
Told ya I'd bounce back. Also, my man went to fix the car today and do some routine maintenance when four of the five bolts that the lug nuts screw onto snapped off. On the tires, ya know? I can't drive my car until it's fixed. Unbelievable. At this point, I'm almost laughing because what a friend said is right... Why does stuff like this happen????

Because it just does...it happens when we least expect it and when we can least afford it. LOL :D But you know what I think? I think I'll learn a lesson in trusting God to take care of my family. I have no other choice but to freak out and panic and worry. I'm not going to do that because there's no good in it.

Have a great week, friends.
With Love,