Count Down Day 2 with Ava Delany

Today I've got a fellow [and new] Passionate Critter, Ava Delany. I'm especially glad to share her story because...I don't know it yet! :D Thanks for being here, Ava.

My First Release
I remember the excitement I felt on the day my first book, a flirt called The Soldier's Return, came out. I was a bit overzealous. I scheduled a blogtour and a chat starting that night. My hubby took me out to lunch at a nice restaurant, and when I got home, I tweeted, blogged, yelled, screamed, and jumped around like a nut. Someone out there liked my novel enough to publish it. Readers had the chance to buy, read, and hopefully love it. Life was sweet.
A few days later, I wondered if I would experience that level of wonder with every sale and release. After all these years, I shout an emphatic "yes!" because I still enjoy release day. I still tweet, blog, yell, and scream. The only difference is that I tend to plan my blogtour for the month after release. I used to plan it for the week of release, but I noticed that some venues take longer to put the book up, and I want everyone to be able to find the book during my tour. Waiting the extra time allows me to ensure the book is available in as many places as possible.
For example, my newest release, Dark Daze, will be available on June 18th, but I've scheduled my blogtour for July. Please stop by my website to check out the schedule and links for my blog tour.
Dark Daze is a paranormal romance novel about danger and love after a time of change. The end of days. The end of the Mayan calendar.

On Dec 21, 2012, at 2:12pm, the sky went dark all over the world, and people's lives changed in ways they feared to admit. Thousands died in accidents while others claimed to have seen demons and found themselves locked up in their local psychiatric ward. Scientists explained away the phenomenon, and things seemed to return to normal.
After a decade of trying to conceal a power she never expected or wanted, Brie Duval was used to being alone. When life—or more appropriately, a meddling friend, sends her on a blind date with Ian Connors, she discovers she wasn't the only person to gain powers that day.
They find themselves falling in love while on the run from a creature with eyes that suck in light and a force that controls their wills, but Brie can't help but fear their love is a side effect of the menace. In order to survive, they must put aside their fears and embrace the gifts they've fought so hard to deny.

Thank you for having me,
Ava Delany
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