Back to the Grind

I'm doubly enjoying this week as I write through some edits and revisions.

I'm lucky and/or blessed to have a sounding board in my writing friend, Moira Keith. And I'm fortunate to have an editor on the line for this ms. So my fingers are still crossed... and whether that goes through or not, I'm really excited about the series.

At this point, I'm torn between wanting to let a publisher nab it or doing it myself.
One thing I've liked about self-publishing is the freedom. Picking my cover. Writing my story as I want to.

I've been in a discussion about publishing lines. Harlequin and inspirational fiction are the two biggest examples of this. Know the market, know their market and the books they are publishing. Otherwise, you're likely to get rejected. Length, Content, Rules...

There is liberation in knowing I don't have to curb my enthusiasm.
If I want my characters to be Catholic, they can be Catholic.
If I want my characters to swear, they can swear.
If I want them to be vampires or angels or shifters or ghosts...

It's just me, my characters, and my story.

Writing is a joyful experience again.