The best laid plans....

Monday, trial week for blog without word verification...
I've had four spam come through in 24 hours. 
With word verification, I'd get maybe 2 a month...maybe.

Down with Spammers! I will go back to Word Verification, if it ends up being a hassle. That stinks because I know how annoying it can be.

I didn't do Sunday Summation this week. I figured since I'm doing a little series on self-publishing, it sums up what I'm doing pretty well. Tomorrow I'll finish that up. Today I'm enjoying...something. I'm not not enjoying it, that's for sure.

Bottom line, though. I could use a nap! LOL :D
And air conditioning...which we haven't caved into yet, but I'm getting close. I can't promise that during the next field training exercise the air isn't going to go on. :(  That's just the brakes...

I can do fans, all of them, with windows open, but if it hits 90? With humidity? Forget. I have my limits.
And that's one of them.