Miracle Monday

I've started a half a dozen blog posts only to delete them. Grrr. So frustrating.
Topics and whatnot...talking about me, about writing, about life.

What next?

Question: When did you find you?
Sounds nuts, doesn't it?
I found me at about 30.
I applaud you if you are one of the strong individuals who had a true sense of yourself before 30.
I only thought I knew me.

Meeting my husband and having him like me and want to marry me while I was in college? MIRACLE.
I knew my intrinsic value as a daughter of God, a friend. But I was always measuring myself against other people. Other people were prettier and smarter. I'm pretty sure I lacked confidence.

There's something I know.
A confident woman is attractive.
I must have had it deep inside me or something...
Or maybe I just needed my husband to Make it all Gel--like gelatin!
That makes sense since he's my other half. :D

Love that Man for helping me be the woman God wants me to be.