Meme, Now and Then

This isn't true anymore for most people...but there were times when people would print out their emails! I know! How crazy is that?! My mother sent me an email I sent to her. One of those Q&A types in order to get to know the people in your address list. Copy and Paste... Forward to the people you know, including the one who sent it to you. yadda, yadda, yadda. I guess I wasn't always so anti-social. :D haha. On the other hand, this one came to me in 1999. I only had one kid... I might have been bored. hehe.

Now we'll see what's changed, eh?
Full Name: Bethanne (Patrick) Strasser SAME
Nickname: Betty Not many people call me that anymore
Birthplace: Islip Can't change that one, either
Hometown: Denver Now: Columbus [that's going to change, though]
Spouse/kids: husband, Matt and daughter, Virginia Now: Matt and 5 kids
Croutons or Bacon Bits: Croutons Now: Bacon Bits
Favorite Salad Dressing: Balsamic Vinagrette Now: Sesame Something or other 
Red or White Wine: White Now: Oh, definitely RED!
Have you had your appendix and tonsils removed? Nope. SAME still got those suckers. Looks like they'll be with me for life.
Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner: Suave (for only 89 cents) Now: Wish it was still 89 cents. And I sound like I'm lying to myself. :D I still buy suave today, but I sure do wish I was buying something else!
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: Certainly NOT! Now: still true... but I wouldn't say it that way. Now I'm thinking, "Boy, I wish I could find a nice private lake somewhere so I could go skinny dipping"...preferrably with someone I've been married to for 13 years. :D
Do you make fun of people? occasionally...against my better judgement Now: Absolutely, whenever the occasion arises. 
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? just the 72 dollars worth of a speeding ticket. Now: Nope...and look at me trying to be my bad self back then.... pfft.
Best type of on-line friends: the kind that keep in touch! Now: the kind that keep in touch. (notice the lack of exclamation point...)
One Pillow of Two: Two Now: One 
Pets: None SAME
Favorite Types of music: Country, classic rock, oldies Now: now, oldies is classic rock and eighties rock and all the stuff I listen to. So, Oldies.
Dream car: Wagoneer SAME, I would sure love to own one of those... maybe I'll find one in Colorado.
Type of car you drive now: Ford Taurus Now: Dodge Caravan Crap

....I'm sorry, here's something about me. Too long emails and blogs DRIVE ME CRAZY!
I guess I'll have to continue to be something of a mystery to you people out there, cuz there is no way I'm going to sit here and finish this Meme.
Have a great week.
With Love,