Today, I'm bored.
I worked on a bio for my sister who is an awesome photographer.
My daughter has been sleeping for over three hours.
I'm on my second episode of Firefly--yay!

I'm thinking about how there is so much I've learned from books. Not school books! Fiction. How it's way better to read a story about the Civil War than it is to sludge through chapters of facts and dates. I still get dates, but this way I can think...oh yeah, that's what happened in of '64 after Nathaniel ran from home to go find Sally who had travelled south.

My legs are starting to cramp, so I'm going to take a walk. Wake the baby and get some air and sunshine. :) It'll be nice. Then maybe I'll bake something because tonight is leftover night and even though it's leftovers, it's still nice to have something fresh.

You know you're bored when nothing new is happening on Facebook or Twitter!! :D LOL
Happy Hump Day.