Back from the Sunny North

It doesn't matter how little sense that makes. That's exactly where I came from! Just a smidge of snow on Saturday morning, but that's it. Forget Lake Effect, forget that it was February. Felt like April up there, when things are just getting ready for spring and teasing us with a warm weekend. Thank God for the nice weather!

Tomorrow is the start of my church's Lenten Season. So I gotta start thinking of ways to sacrifice. What can I do? What can I give up? One thing I want to do [and I'm hoping this 40 days of fasting will motivate be to actually do it] is to stick to a schedule. Like this morning...

Pray a little.
Get kids on bus.

If I can get those three things done every morning, it seems like the rest of my day should be wide open!! I often find myself trying to squeeze or make time for these most important activities. Could it be so hard to just do them?!


because it's been years, and I have yet to do this as if it's easy. :/