Time Management

It can be done.
Everything on my list, with effort and even a minimal amount of organization, can be done.

That's what I tell myself. And today is the perfect example.
I knew, if I didn't get out right away, I might sit at my computer for an hour or two, but then I'd be stuck at the store from midday until my kids came home. So I left my computer and my coffee and my Skype friends and I ran to the store and the bible study and the bank...

When I finally got home, an hour later than I wanted to, I was able to put my little munchkin down for a nap, make coffee and sit to work for a good two hours. I've done more than the 212 words a day goal for the year, and I have hope that I can get to the 650 words a day goal for January.

I believe that time management has to do with prioritizing and guns.

Have a great week.
With Love,

Stick to your guns! [in all you do]