Monday's miracle was not going completely INSANE as I measured the Christmas values... measured, weighed and considered. I really hate this part of Christmas... who got what? how many things does each kid have to open up? What's going in the stockings? ARE WE READY?!

Every year this moment comes upon me and I wish, wish, wish that our Christmas was not about Santa, even secondarily.  :(  I love the holiday. The traditions. The decorations. The family gatherings... I just have to get over this hump and stop worrying about who gets what and how happy everyone is going to be. That's the bottom line for me. Will my kids be disappointed? *sigh* How can I make them happy?

If you need a break on Tuesday from the stress of Christmas, follow me over to Passionate Critters and read my short story, Letters from Home. Is it possible to fall in love through a stack of letters? When deployment is on the line and separation is inevitable, sometimes letters are the only way to the heart.

Merry Christmas, Friends.
Enjoy the rest of this week.
With Love,