The Books I Love

First and foremost.... above all else, I love suspense/mystery.
Trixie Belden was my all-time favorite growing up. I devoured her books.
I touched on a bit of Nancy Drew, finally hitting Agatha Christie in my teens.
In my teens, I read inspirational mostly, enjoying authors such as Thoene, Phillips and ....oh shoot, who was that other one I'm thinking of????  Dang it. It's been so long, but there were lots. At that point in time I steered cleared of historicals for the most part. The inspirational variety of historicals never did appeal to me. They tended to be very slow and corny. :P

After I got married, I happened to pick up a book called Nobody's Baby but Mine. A book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. That was it. There was no going back. I LOVED THAT BOOK! It wasn't until I started reading romance that I could get through an historical. I like early American, but will pick up a Regency [I think]. I have to admit, I"m not very good at catagorizing historicals. REgency...victorian. I know there's a difference, just can't always identify it. :)  Elizabeth Lowell has a few good historicals.  Heather Graham has a couple of awesome series from the Civil War. Marsha Canham totally caught my attention with The Iron Rose. Pirates! Loved that one, too. Dorothy Garlock. Oh! Dodd has a great series, Regency, I think. And Brenda Joyce, too. Joyce has a series about the Bragg family. I think i'm going to have to download that series and reread them. As you can see, I have hardly even touched the deep reaches of the historical genre. The books I have read are almost all backlists of writers who now publish romantic suspense.

Like most readers, though. I'll try anything. I look forward to reading Winter Fire by Jo Beverly, which I won recently [like today] on Bookworm2bookworm, Melanie's blog. :D Yippee! Right now, I'm reading a book called In Name Only, which is historical AND inspirational. Yikes. I'm really stepping out now, aren't I? :D

Have a great weekend Friends.
With Love,