Banana Bread Day

It's unofficial, of course...
or, it's officially MY banana bread day.

Skinny side of the month, do you have one of those?
We do. I tend to bake more during that time. Which is good!
We all love, love, love mom's baked goods.
Cookies, breads...great filler foods.

What's your favorite, go-to snack food when your cupboards are starting to look bare and your kids are starting to question your sanity about waiting to go to the store?

Do you have a Line?
I do. It's my husband, when he starts fruitlessly opening and shutting cabinets in an effort to find something to eat, I know I have to bite the bullet and make a store run. LOL :D What can I say, I'll eat anything. But not everyone will!

Banana Bread, you are comfort food and you taste awesome warmed up on a cold day.
:D I can't wait to eat you.

With love,