Miracle Monday, with a little cheese on the side

Do you ever consider that just meeting someone is a miracle?

That happens to me! I'm going to get so lucky in my life[yes, I say lucky. It's the Irish in me.], because I meet people all the time. I can't count on my hands the number of times I've moved and been blessed by new people. From childhood, and the many friends who have supported and loved me, through adulthood, as I move around with my husband, there have been numerous people who have touched my life, been friends or even just disappeared. Each one has made me the person I am. They've instigated growth, even when I don't want to grow.

They are God to me; changing me, reforming me, loving me. How great is that? I don't have any doubt that Jesus is present. You are my proof.

Enjoy the Christmas Season. Eggnog. Lights. Jimmy Stewart. Bing Crosby. Hot chocolate and whipped cream. Jammies with reindeer on them. Snow [if you're lucky enough]. Nativity. Candles. Choirs of Angels. Bells.