Remember Whensday

Amidst unpacking all our stuff, I came across my box of memorabilia. Somehow two varsity letters ended up on the kitchen counter. One, from Rockford High School, I got for gymnastics--I think. I don't remember! It was that. It had to be. I did have band metals on it though and an honor society pin. The other, from Cornell High School, was for swimming. It had a bar on it. What are those called? And what did they represent?! I don't even remember.

They sat for about two weeks. Until this week. When I finally picked them up, with the pins and metals attached, turned to my husband and said, Do I need to keep these?

He didn't know. He's a man who didn't like high school and holds no affection for anyone from high school. Reunions? Forget about it. At least, he's trying to, but his mom keeps giving the alumni group his new address. hahaha. Not funny, really but what do you do?

Anyhoo, this morning I woke up and decided to toss them. I'm sick of the clutter! It's not so much a disrespect or disregard for my past as a need to get rid of all the stuff. I know my propensity to throw things away has before and will again bite me in the you-know-what, but I can't seem to stop. :D :D I love throwing [giving] stuff away!