Friday Food

I'm almost at a loss for what to talk about tonight. I should be writing my story. I told my girls I'd be writing! So I wracked my brain for an alliteration. I do love those. Fiction Friday, Friday Five...

This time, I came up with Friday Food. Not just a list of my favorites either. Or a feature of something Fallish, like Chili!! Oh, how I love Chili. [It's on the menu for tomorrow.]

Food always plays a role in my stories. If there's anything about my characters I like to relate to, it's food.

In Shake the Sugar Tree, my heroine connected to the scent of cinnamon and her grandmother's apple pie.
In Houseboat, my hero is a southern boy who has a certain craving for shrimp, grilled with that great cajun seasoning.
There's this great Italian restaurant [and character] in Certain Suspicions that makes this awesome fresh pasta and marinara. The garlic, the fresh basil. Mmmm. Yum.
Sand Bay Secrets is my newest story, I don't know the characters completely, but I wonder if my hero might like to grill...and he likes a rich steak, seared to perfection then cooked to a delicate medium rare. Molly will have a thing for fish and seafood. She's lived on the coast her whole life and loves everything about it. Grilled, baked, fried. She wants it with a salad, a rich, dark green bed of vegetables.

Food is a big deal. What a person eats can often be key to who they are. I can't ignore it. Do you?