Miracle Monday

We were told last week that Matt would be able to come home for leave and ten days of TDY [temporary duty] so we could all move to GA. Yay! That's way better than having to report for duty immediately following graduation. :P

We've been praying for this. So thank you God for pulling that one through. I can not tell you how happy it makes me that my husband will be able to come home and just be here for a little while. You know it would have been fine if we'd had to move down there without him. The end result IS the same, but it's nice to say goodbye together. We've had some good times in this town and made some wonderful friends. This is better. WAY better.

I'll be off this week [again] to go get him. :D
If the blog goes silent, you know why.
Enjoy these hot, dog days of summer.
They won't last.
With Love,