On that Day

What a weird feeling to finally get back on my blog and realize the last post was published on the day everything went haywire. I was in a car accident on June 27th. My car was totalled, but my children who were with me and I were fine--for the most part. An accident is an accident...nobody's ever FINE after an accident. Having your life flash before your eyes is no joke.

It didn't help that three days later I needed to get on the road so that I could see my husband for the first time since Easter.

But I'm as back as I can get right now, which isn't as back as I'd like it to be because life is still in a bit of upheaval. Another trip to Georgia in a few weeks will finally end this long period of separation from my husband and then sometime after that, we'll be moving south.

Phew! I'm excited and tired. I keep hearing that when my man returns home to BEWARE! He will sleep for a week straight! That might be true, but I won't notice. I'll be doing the same, I think. :D