Not that I want to beat a dead horse, but it takes a very special author to include a child and/or adolescent into an adult novel. I have such a hard time reading a romance that has kids in it. My current read is about an FBI special agent who has a daughter...and I'm stuck. I can't get past the daughter's adolescent-like, hard-headed, bratty behavior. And the SA's willingness to allow it.

I feel like saying, NO! This is supposed to be romance! Why do I have to listen to this girl whine and complain and do bad things (like spill food all over the person next to her in the airplane) only to have her mom offer to pay for the damages as if this was expected. Not that the mother didn't sigh. She did... But a thirteen year old, running off a plane in tears, saying "I told them I didn't want to eat!"

What? I still don't know what happened. Did they strap her down and force her to eat? Who is going to force a thirteen year old to eat or drink something on an airplane?  Did the girl fight back and knock the drink into her seatmate? Did they actually get the food into her mouth and she spewed it? The entire scenario just doesn't make any sense.  Puhlease.  I can't read books like this... Nope. Not gonna happen. :nono:

FWIW, I have read some very good books with children in them... Yes, I have!
But it only takes about one chapter of reading for me to know if I've got a good one or not.

What about you?
Kids, no kids?
What do you like in a story? What type of kid behavior kills a story for you and what type will keep you begging for more?