Army Strong

I thought I knew what Army Strong meant. Look at me. I'd gone a whole month with my husband gone and I hadn't really cried once. I was strong. I was ready for this new life. My husband and I, we were so closely bonded the miles didn't even matter. I had this great community to lean on--family, neighbors, church. I was praying every day. My foundation was solid and I was ready for the next twenty years.

Or so I thought.

In one sharp instant of disappointment and pain, I was struck down from my high horse and, looking up from my back, saw what I had been missing. God [and a dose of humility, too]. Cut off from [almost] everything I thought was making me strong, I cried like a freaking wimp who could never possibly make it in this Army lifestyle.

The lesson? It's lent. Expect trials. Know that you can ALWAYS be closer to God.