Online Retail

I love shopping online. Give me Amazon, Barnes and Noble, department stores... specialty shops and even travel plans. I love having the world at my fingertips. The convenience of online everything has become more and more apparent in the last five to ten years. Since 2000, there's almost no excuse for deliquency. Missed birthdays should be a thing of the past...

I say should because I'm still 'THE WORST EVER' birthday giver in the whole wide world.

2011 is going to be different for me. I've decided everyone in my family is going to get that email... that email-me-your-birthday-and-anniversary-dates email. Then they are all going into a calendar on my computer or email program. With reminders, how can I go wrong?

I do have one issue this Christmas. The store I am trying to purchase an item from has proven itself somewhat unreliable. :( I'm really disappointed, because their product is really COOL. But I'm at my wits end, trying to order from them. I almost get the feeling they don't want me to buy anything. Today I sent out a last-chance-email. The one saying, "hey. Are you there? Can I order from you or is this just a hobby, and I should worry about if I'll ever get the thing I want?" I don't know. I feel that if people are going to open an online store, they should be ready and available at least once a day. They should have email programs that aren't so spam vigilant. They have to expect that strangers will email them. :( Arg. Well, I don't know. I started a conversation. Now I would like to end it. That won't happen if I can't reach this gal and either order or confirm that ordering isn't possible.

So the question is... Is it okay to question a retailer's commitment? If you were in the position, would you [politely] ask about when and how the order would be placed? I mean, what if this gal has a nine to fiver and doesn't get around to putting together my order for another week or two? And if she has a nine to fiver, will she be able to get to the Post Office to mail my order when it is put together? If I don't hear from her in several days, what are my chances of being disappointed when all is said and done? *sigh*

It's really COOL stuff. Have I mentioned that? I'm willing to wait, but I need confirmation that I'm not talking to a virtual wall. :)