Are you Proud?

I sent an informative message out to several of my crit partners, because after asking for crits for a synopsis, I ended up submitting what I had sans critique. I didn't intentionally disregard the fact that I probably needed a good crit/read-thru, but I did run out of time. I'm having a baby soon, and I just had the urge to clear my desk of all works in progress.

Not wanting anyone to waste their time on something I wouldn't be using right away, I sent out the notice.

And I received a lovely note from one of my critters. One that honored me and praised me for getting through the work and subbing amidst all the Real Life stuff I have going on. It was nice and, of course, a little embarrassing. I certainly wasn't tooting my own horn or begging a compliment. [not that she thought that, either!]

She said, Don't be embarrassed.

And you know what?
I am!
I am so proud of myself for getting that submission in. :D
It might fail completely, but I worked hard to get it polished and ready to submit, so even if it gets a big R, I guess I do deserve a little pat on the back after all.

Thanks for hanging with me all these months!
Looking forward to baby in 3 DAYS!!! Hugs and have a great start to November.
With Love,