Anthology Madness and Novella Length Stories

I have to admit that I LOVE the idea of an anthology. Epublishers are going gaga over novella length stories, similarly themed and sold together. Here's what I like....

1. short stories -- the possibility of sitting to read an entire story without needing a bookmark is just AWESOME! A good book to sit down with at the end of the night...

2. new authors -- I need new authors shoved down my throat. There are authors I would never have considered reading if I hadn't been coerced by that new anthology.

3. cheaper prices -- new, hardback (or even paperback) mass market books are EXPENSIVE! Give me a novella length, epublished book any day, and I might be able to afford it. :P

Lucky me, I have an awesome group of writers at Passionate Critters who have just contracted a group of stories to be sold as a Christmas Anthology from Decadent Publishing! Whoot!

Congratulations, ladies.