Rainy Days are here Again

Still no red tomatoes.
I picked a green one yesterday and made fried green tomatoes. YUM! My fingers are crossed for those big red tomatoes. The rain we're getting should help.

I'm a little stumped on blogging topics right now. I was thinking about networking opportunities this week. I popped back into Romance Divas a couple of weeks back. I'd been spending most of my time either writing or critting...

When I went back in I noticed a few missing faces. I popped around to some blogs to catch up with people. And when I asked a friend what she was up to, she mentioned she had backed off so she could focus on writing and getting stuff done. I laughed [to myself, of course] because she was in the boat I had been in. Now I'm dipping my feet in again, but I'm guessing her path won't come back my way. Oh, we'll still be friends. I don't mean like that... but you see, she has an agent making rounds with editors. She's on a different playing field than I am right now. If I make it to that field, I can imagine needing to buckle down. Does that mean I'm not as serious in my writing? No. But there's no urgency, either.

What about you?
Have you drawn a line for yourself?