On Writing by Stephen King

I'd like to say first that no one ever told me Stephen King's On Writing was a memoir.

I'd also like to mention what a HUGE difference this makes in the grander scheme of things.

I'm avid nonreader of how-to books. I avoid how-to books like the plague. They bore me. Fly Lady? Hanging out under my sink, possibly water and rust stained at this point. I have a hard time getting past the first page of another book about real life, lessons, spirituality, home life... books about how to make my life better. I just can't see how anyone out there really knows what needs to be done in my life. Maybe I'm too confident, but I'm in charge of meshing my life with God's plan and being happy. Is there really a person out there who isn't going to be wasting at least 50% of my time when I read their book? I don't see how. Because most of those books offer suggestions.

Back to King. I am enjoying his book sooooo much. Not only for the flashes of insight into the writer's mentality but for the narrative. I'm laughing and moaning and sighing... i may even shed a tear, but that will probably just be hormones. It's like encouragement. It's not how people have always described it to me... as the book to read if you want to get your writing right.

On the other hand, it just might do that as well. hahaha. :D