Dragging my Butt back in

When it comes to my writing, I like to keep moving. I don't like to 'take a break' from a project just to let it stew for a while. I like things fresh in my mind and I like to get it done. That's my way. It's good for me.

I took a little vacation and went to NYC [FUN, btw, loads of it], and now I can't seem to jump in to my newest manuscript. Maybe I finally need that break. Unfortunately, I have two projects I want to squeeze in before Nevember. A sequel to my Dark Summer story [which is actually my Summer Lovin' story retitled], and a Christmas short story to get into an anthology my crit group is putting together. Both I'm excited about...

Yet neither seem as important as that nap I haven't been able to steal. Just once!!! Please! A nap when no one wakes me up!! No kids, no phones, no nobodies! :D :D

I think if I give myself a week or so, I'll feel better.
That's all I can ask for...
Have a great week.
With Love,