In the News

Big talk in my critique forum this week had to do with the idea of MASS REJECTIONS. There's an agent out there who--busy as a bee--decided to cut a few losses and TWEET rejections. i.e. If you've queried me before April 19th and have not heard from me, I'm not interested.

The bigger part of me is scratching me head on that one. I understand perfectly that an agent may or may not have the ability to answer every single query. There are several highly reputable agencies who state politely on their webpage that they can't respond to everyone. Therefore if a writer hasn't heard from them in XX number of days [or weeks], to please accept their apology and move on. They are not interested.

There's something direct and honest about that. I would much rather encounter that then the twitter agent. I'm not saying I couldn't be persuaded to see her side of it. I just don't like the fact that, as writers, we are expected to adhere to all these rules, professional manners and etiquettes. Crossing our Ts, dotting our Is, greeting with a name... make it personal [BUT NOT TOO PERSONAL!].

Some reciprocation would be nice, especially for those of us who are serious about making a career, serious about taking our work to the next level.

Hey! On another note, READ Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar!!! First non romance book--not sure how to label story? [Too good to be women's lit!]--I thoroughly enjoyed in too long to recall. *hugs* I LOVE TO READ!!!

Enjoy life.
With Love,