Boy Scouts, Y2K and your Current Manuscript

Do you remember Y2K? I'm a good Catholic girl who, at the time, lived near an ultra conservative, traditional Catholic University. Boy, could I tell you stories! As it was, my hubby and I didn't liquidate all our assets, we didn't build an underground bunker to stock full of the essentials of survival for a family of 3--like diapers and toilet paper. We didn't even buy an extra gallon of milk that week.

But we'd heard enough. People were worried and preparing for the breakdown of western culture as we knew it then. On the religious side of this coin, it was like preparing for the Coming. And I remember thinking, we won't know! As soon as you know when the end will be here, just cross that day off your list. *wink*

So, let me back up a step. The Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED which means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your DUTY. [taken from wikipedia] I don't think this means to be preparing at all times. I think it means always ready. Though we may need times to rejuvenate, I think we need to be consistent--in our actions, in our deeds.

One last topic jump to the big finale! :D

In writing, I like to be prepared. I do hear stories of people who might query on an unfinished manuscript. I don't recommend it, even if it's true that the likelihood of a response on a partial submission before you finish isn't that great. DON'T DO IT!! Finish your story! Take the time you need to make it the best, then put it out there. Be prepared to send the entire thing to that dream agent or publisher. Because really, you do not know the hour or the day [that agent is going to read your manuscript and think, OMG. I must have it].

I like to think about the Second Coming in regard to my manuscripts... because everytime I write what I think is THE ONE, it's not. It can be better. It doesn't get the requests I thought it would. I find myself wondering how I will make the NEXT manuscript THE ONE! hahahaha.

Happy Writing this Week!
Happy Easter!
With Love,