Finishing up my Revision

There's been some discussion about the process of revising a story. Storyline edits, copyedits. Where do you start?

Mine sorta flow altogether at once.

I have a wonderful critique group. Passionate Critters put revision recommendations together for me, and I systematically go through them and apply which ones I think will best enhance my story. Sometimes that means changing a line or a word. Other times, that will mean scrapping or adding an entire section.

My current manuscript is the first in which I didn't finish the ms before I started subbing it for critique. I'm glad I didn't, though. I love that my last two chapters are waiting there for me. Just this week, I finished revising the last chapters I have written. Now, with so many revisions applied, my vision of the story is so CLEAR!

In other news....

It's SPRING!!! Hallelujah!
Enjoy the warming weather, my friends.
With Love,