The Juggling Act

Officially, I have four blogs. This one, my diabetes blog, my son's blog--which I regularly fail to update, and Penny Dune's blog. Okay, so I'm juggling things... and right now, not very well! :D

I thought about the blogging thing when I noticed that Christina Dodd has been on her facebook A LOT lately. I mean, everytime I stop in there, my Home feed has at least 3 or 4 posts from her in it. Not boring stuff either but fun, interactive comments and questions. Then I've got a friend in my crit group who is worried about being interesting because she had someone interesting follow her blog...

Ack! I have to be interesting?!

Isn't it enough that my characters are interesting?!

...wait, what if my characters aren't interesting either? Oh no!

It's one of those days.