The End of the Hero

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWED ME THROUGH MY HEROES SERIES! It was fun and enlightening for me. Don't miss the last post over at Penny's Blog--Lifetime to Love.

Also if you ever hear me say, "my hubby and I are going shopping this week," remind me that I LIKE TO SHOP ALONE! It's not him, it's me. See, I hate to shop as it is. I really do. Add in my husband and for some reason, I can't handle it. My mind goes a little crazy, I act crazy...

NOT GOOD! Yesterday we went shopping for a few clothing items. I ended up buying something I didn't really want. I don't know why. It was cheapest? I thought I would like it? Last night I put that sweatshirt on--something to lounge around in--and was not happy. The zipper was stiff, I couldn't relax. It did look nice, maybe just too nice.

Going back to the store with a Christmas item I wanted to return [thank God I didn't bring that with me yesterday], I also returned the sweatshirt I'd bought just 24 hours earlier and found one I could get comfortable in. A nice hoodie, no zipper. Yay! It was so relaxing! By myself.... *sigh*

Oh one last thing before I sign off for the weekend. Matt shaved his facial hair! All of it, gone! He had to get a picture for his Army profile/folder/permanent record. The last time we saw his upper lip was about 8 years ago. And let me tell you, 8 years ago it was three days before he had a 5 o'clock shadow. Not now. :D It's 2 o'clock and he's already looking ruggedly handsome. ;)