Romantic Suspense

I read it.
I love it.
It's such a release, a pleasure to read a story in which the stakes are so high, not only is the happily ever after at risk, life is also at risk. When you add a hunky hero who not only likes dogs, but treats the heroine with respect... well, what's not to enjoy?

You know what I love? I love when the hero and heroine spar and banter through the first 2/3rds of the book. There's the attraction, the mutual respect, but maybe one's a liberal and one's a conservative... or maybe one is an artist and the other is practical. They clash, but more, they aren't bored. And who wants to be with someone who bores them?! Not me!!

Add the external conflict. Whether international terrorist or the boy-next-door sociopath/psychopath, things always get interesting!

Can I just tell you, I'd rather be in my books than contemplating all the crappy things in life--like divorce and cancer. When it's time to sit back and take pleasure in the joys this world has to offer... besides my family and friends, I'll read a romantic suspense novel.

What about you? Tell me what brings you joy when life makes you think, WTF?
With love,