When do you know?

You know you're spreading yourself thin when it's a WEEK since you last posted!! No apologies, though. :) Just a note to self...

Keep your head, lady.

I just got done watching Benchwarmers with my husband.
What is it about the male of the species that finds farting, vomiting, diarrhea and boogers so entertaining? As soon as the opening credits faded out, I knew I was in trouble. Yes, yes, I laughed throughout the movie on more than one occasion. I also felt queasy a few times...

Let's just say it's not the best movie ever and leave it at that. Okay?

I picked up a Suzanne Brockmann book this past week[btw, she needs a professional webpage. She makes enough money now to get something...nicer, more user friendly, pretty, something...well, okay. It's just my opinion]. The story of Teri Howe--the Navy Reserve pilot--and Stan Wolchonok [I might have spelled that wrong]--the SEAL Senior Chief--is one of my favorites. Brockmann weaves a tale from the previous generation, set during world war 2, that I really admire. She's one of the few non inspy, non women's lit and nonmale authors that has successfully written about that era. Since I love that era, I can really appreciate the tale of triumph. The main characters are charming and real.

So, why do I bring this book up? One that I've read many times. Because for a while now, I've been contemplating Brockmann's heroes and their tendency to be criers--to cry for love, out of fear for a loved one, in sadness... After a while, I became a little jaded. Thinking, she has no idea what she's writing about! Men do not cry, not even when they really love you or they find out something trying and sad. That had been my experience... and so, her heroes sometimes seemed off to me.

Until this year.

We've had a few moments in our house over the past six months.
Maybe her books still overdo it, but I'm more willing to be a believer, too.

Blessed Gaudete Sunday, everyone!
With Love,