Monday Review

Oh, look at me. The Christmas season is in full swing and I'm reading, too!
This week I was excited to pick up one of Nora Roberts' two in one re-releases. With one of her older stories, Song of the West[1982], and a slightly newer one than that, Boundary Lines[1985]. Wow, what a great way to compare her writing styles!

I have to say, Boundary Lines was more appealing to me. There was a heightened sense of emotion and depth. She dug deeper, her characters were more rounded and believable. They had a sense of purpose that made me believe they might not actually have their happily ever after. And that's what made the ending so much more rewarding than Song of the West. Amazing how much an author can grow in such a short amount of time.

While visiting Nora's webpage, I was floored to hear she'll have her 190th full length novel out in February!!! 190! I better get busy!