So, here's the thing. I have this good friend who struggles with her identity as a writer. :( Not fun for her. I feel her uncertainty on a personal level. Maybe not every writer faces this, but some do, and I remember a time when I sat on the seesaw, too. It's hard! Finding a voice, creating a platform [i'm still not sure I have one of those, yet], defining a style that reflects the voice...

I have a theory, though. One that compares the writing journey of today to that of yesterday. See, I belong to a few writing groups. It's nice to have support and I think compared to yesterday? Writers are in a good place for networking... for sharing and helping each other.

There is another hand to this...

Too many cooks in the kitchen, maybe? Writing has always been a lone sport. With the exception of a collaboration, we write by ourselves. I speculate that the over abundance of input can hinder the creative processes. I think the awareness of market trends will inhibit our ability to take the less travelled roads. A scale would be good so that with each tidbit of information we glean we can also add a grain of salt...or even more if the scale indicates a necessity.

I'm serious. It's time to close the doors and write.
Love you writer friend.
Guard your writing.
Guard your heart.

With love,