Women's Literature

I'm going to read a book by Jennifer Weiner.

I know. Shocking, isn't it? I took the recommendation from Kerri Sparling. I'll have more on that later.

For now, Monday Reviews [will it stick? I don't know.] I just woke and wanted to talk about the book I read last week. My first EVER Allison Brennan book. A women I have all kinds of RESPECT for, just by knowing her from being a part of the same writing organization.

Whoa, cool but wrong Brennan. [something tells me that Brennan shaves an awful lot of herself ;)]

That's better.
Sudden Death was a great introduction to books-by-Allison. Intense, fast-paced, smart. That's how I would describe Sudden Death.
What I really loved about this book was the sympathy I felt for the villain. Well, one of the villains. :D I believe, and I'm learning, that it takes real skill to create emotion like this for a guy who is torturing the good guys.
The more I read the news and hear about the bad stuff, the easier it is to forget that sometimes, it's not all black and white...
Now, on to the basics. Great job on characterization. Loved the way, i could relate to the hero and his cronies. The priest, especially. Torn loyalties there. I get that alot... not because I'm a priest, but because I'm always struggling to stay on the straight and narrow. Though the story isn't about the priest, he played a big role. Wanting to protect his brothers, yet needing to cooperate with the law. The hero, of course, was big, strong, alpha male. I know the time space makes the story a tad unbelievable, but Allison sets him up for the change... you know? Like he's ready to make that leap to commitment, he just needs a catalyst.
Enter: Megan Elliot. The book cover says, By-the-book Elliot. I guess I like that about her. If anything, I considered her self-doubt a little over played, but I still can't say it wasn't true to her character. Love, loved, loved the ending....
Allison worked in the clues, never leaving me behind. You know, some books are about the race. The adventure. Staying one step ahead of the bad guy. Brennan solved me a mystery, and I appreciate that, too. Clues were laid, and I followed them to the end.
...there is one scene I got a little queazy over, so if you have a weaker stomach, try the Weiner book. :D