Oops, I did it again

I've been soooo good about keeping my check book balanced! Then, a snafu and I'm muck deep in NSF fees. :P How? How does this happen when I think I'm being so good?!?!?! I am officially a pain in my hubby's side over this... He has no sympathy, of course, but he does accept my apology and forgive me, so I guess I'm lucky to have him. :P Argh! To be perfect would be nice.

Alas, I am not.

So, onto a new week and a new start.

I have no sympathy for myself this week either. I've done almost NO writing. I have an entire story plotted and I'm not doing anything about it. Why?

I don't know.

Sitting at the computer just isn't that fun right now. And that is the worst mindset to have!! What if I was on deadline? Would I be saying that? Does this attitude show my seriousness about a career?! No. It doesn't.

So, tonight, I think I will force myself to sit and do at least an hour of work at the computer. No excuses... no distractions...

I hope everyone is doing well.
We are all hanging in there around here and the weather is helping us actually enjoy this time. We have so many blessings, so many things to be thankful for.
Take care.
With love,