Attraction vs. Endurance

What brings two people together?
What makes them click?
I've been thinking about this lately. I have a friend--not a writing one--who just got divorced, signed the papers this week. And I'm so sad for her, though she's still in the what-a-jerk camp that I can tell by her facebook profile... although, now that I think of it, what a horribly public medium for having a divorce. Ick.

I got off track there....

Oh, the core of a romance novel. The nucleus of entertainment today, including movies, books, music is Love.

Putting two people together who will survive whatever life throws at them. Is there a formula? A personality equation? Will the love doctor diagnose what ails us or makes us thrive?

I don't think so. I've read the personality books. I've read the birth order books... I get that there are some kinds of people who will compliment another type more fittingly. But there are always exceptions to the rule! And when an author can combine the unexpected and make me believe, when real life has shown me the same, I can believe in love. Twooo Wuv. I believe that a marriage doesn't have to fit an equation. It doesn't have to adhere to any psychological standard. Because love is an action that I wake up every morning determined to do.

...and even when I fail to love as I should, I have Faith in the bonds that God created between Matt and I. And if we do our best--even flawed--to follow His commands, our marriage will survive. We've been through alot...

But there's comfort in our faith and in the grace of sacrifice, and in honor and loyalty. So, I pray for those who don't share that.

*looks around, blushes, and steps off her soapbox*
With Love,