I don't know everything.


I know, it's shocking.

On the other hand, I join workshops. I read how-to books/blogs. And it's often times all the same information. The bottom line is, knowing doesn't make me a better writer.

I need a workshop that shows me how to practice all these neat little tidbits. I suppose success is figuring out how to apply the knowledge to writing. And that is harder than it sounds. :P

As I'm plotting my newest WIP, I find myself second guessing every little point--Will it work? Did I do that in my last WIP? Is it too cliche? How appealing is that literary manuever?--until I'm pulling my hair out.

...there's something to be said about flying by the seat of your pants. OTOH, I just can't do another year's worth of revisions just because I didn't plot my story through. So....

I found another workshop, and I'm just going to plod through and hope that this novel is better than the last. No, that sounds depressing... I'm just going to blast through, knowing that everything I learn will make this WIP keener than the last. :D