One Rejection

Not my first, though. About four years ago, I submitted to an agent [poor thing], and she rejected my query. It's a new world now that I know what i'm doing, though. :D This R is much easier to swallow. I'm refining my agent list and will send out about five more this week. Plus, I'm thinking about messing with my letter. The one I used last week feels/sounds DRY to me. It doesn't sound like me...and yeah, I'm trying to sell my book and myself. I see that as part of the deal. :D

It's a holiday, and the kids are home. One of them is driving me nuts... but mostly, they are all in good spirits. The youngest is sick, and yikes... he's hyper right now. I think he's going to drop soon. I'm off to buy him some cold medicine. Something, anything for the congestion. :( He sounds so cute.

Anyhoo, another short and sweet update.
Unfortunately, I missed excerpt monday. I hate being sick!
Love to all,