Last day before NANO

My husband is so intuitive. Or maybe he remembers last year, I don't know. But when I made the announcement yesterday that November 1st was the start of National Novel Writing Month...

He immediately said, "So, tomorrow is your day to clean?"

I just laughed.

But yes. Today is something of a cleaning day. The bathrooms, th floors, etc. Obviously, I won't be able to get out of everything--laundry, meals, sweeping and vacuuming. What can you do? I'm a modern woman with responsibilities to my family... and myself.

The novel I'm starting is another Romantic Suspense.

Since the day she discovered several bodies near her home in the Louisiana swamp, Marie has closed herself off to life, and anything resembling joy. Her former friend--one of the murder suspects--has spent years overcoming the stigma of that crime and her betrayal. Together again after fifteen years, will a string of new murders forge their alliance or permanently damage the growing bond?

Well, that's it in a nutshell. :D I really hate those nutshells!
Have a great weekend.
With Love,