Doing what you don't want to

I'm double posting, so if there's stuff that sounds foreign to you, it's because I pulled this from my Living with It Blog.

Do you ever feel like you just want to throw your hands up and say, NO!

Although this sounds like an opening to a discussion about Diabetes, it's not. Haha. I'm supposed to make all these phone calls to people in my parish, inviting them to come to the Parish Mission next week. But I don't wanna!

This morning, I got up and really wanted to ride my bike. Rock Springs has this great trail running through it, with that in mind, I packed a bag and tossed my bike into the back of Matt's truck. [I think I bent the kickstand doing that] My sugars had been decent all morning, so I felt good to go. Then the truck didn't start, and remembering that my hubby needed to mess with the battery and possibly the starter, I [sighed first] then opted for just riding around the neighborhood. I pulled my bike from the truck bed and went back inside to let Matt know. Feeling kind of odd, I tested my sugar and it was 49. UGH! How frustrating! I was so mad, I just wanted to cry. But I ate something instead and waited about 15 minutes. I wasn't quite 100, but decide to head out anyway. I get about 3 pedal turns from the driveway and have to stop because the pedal is hitting the kickstand. I go back inside and Matt fixes it. Finally, I'm out on my bike...

And it was a good workout. Not too long, but long enough for these unworked muscles. I just have to decide what to do about these phone calls. Maybe I should pay my kids to do it for me. Why? Why did I agree to this? I don't talk well to the people I do know! I am not the extrovert. *sigh*

Just so you know, I'm having some serious trouble with my CGMS. Not in the physical sense, but the mental. I wish I could report differently. Maybe it's because I've only just recently getting serious about my management. Maybe I need a buffer. I don't know...

Maybe it's just too much change for me at one time: diabetes therapy, cgms, a new job, military life... I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I don't know what to do with this continuous glucose data. I think my next step will be to silent all the alerts on this thing except for the low and high. That's not a bad idea. My biggest beef right now is wishing the cgms was linked to my pump... *sigh* I can be a fickle gal, can't I? :P