Once Upon a Crime

If I was better as networking a year ago, I would have tried to get in on this group. A place to talk about murder, investigations... crafting stories and blogging about it. Kudos to you gals for keeping it going for an entire year. You know these groups come and go like race cars...

One thing I love about writing is the groups. Even the big time NY bestselling authors have groups and blogs and forums.... It's a community of people. I have mine. Passionate Critters. I found it last year in my need for something supportive. What a great find. We added Jennifer Bianco to our group this past spring, and she is a member of Once Upon a Crime.

A Big Congratulations for a year well written!

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Just think, we are one year closer to the new school year!
The kids are soooo ready to go back. :)
...and I'm ready for them to go back.