My five year old

My 5 year old was annoying my almost 9 year old this morning, and said 9 year old manhandled the 5 year old. Like brothers do. At the same time, no one would claim the water that was on the counter... and since it wasn't mine or my husband's, I sent them all to their rooms for an hour after lunch. It wasn't the cup of water that bothered me, but the fact that SOMEONE poured it! Why wouldn't they say so? Whoever wasn't saying so was lying.... Grrr. so frustrating.

....back on track. I brought my 5 and 9 year olds to the kitchen. I told the 9 year old, "Hug touching is okay. Handshakes are okay. If you are touching your brother becuase he is annoying you or making you angry, that's not okay. Okay?" 9 year old nods his head. "Apologize to your brother," I say, and he does. I turn to 5 year old. "5 year old, stop doing things on purpose to annoy your brother. Now, say you're sorry!"

He looks at 9 year old, then turns back to me, "You talk too much."

Haha. That is something I've NEVER been accused of in 32 years. NEVER. :D