First Sell Wish List [otherwise known as MOTIVATION]

My husband woke up next to me this morning and said, "I can't wait until you sell your first book and we can buy a couple of $6 pillows." hehe. Gosh, he cracks me up. But he got me thinking. Besides the story, what keeps me going?

Right now, there are only two things I think about when I consider the big pay off.

1. Panties and Bras--It's true. I hate my Hanes. It's comfortable, economic and sometimes cute. But I want my underwear to be colorful and matching. When I have a few dollars, I'm going straight to Victoria's Secret [or Khol's *winkwink*] and buying at least a hundered dollars worth of underwear.

2. A laptop--You might think this would be first on my list, but it's not. I have a nice desktop with mostly free access throughout the day and into the, something more would be nice, but not imperative. ;) If not the laptop than updated versions of Word.

3. Those gosh darn pillows!

That's it!
Do you have a list? Wish lists for your birthday or Christmas or an anniversary?
What's on it?