Besides August being the eighth month of the Gregorian calender. The word can be dated to the 1500's meaning marked by majestic dignity or grandeur. Ooo, I really like that. I would like to write an historical with the word August in the title. I know that sounds crazy, but the muse strikes as he pleases with no warning or explanation. This time it's a word. A title. Hmm....

Speaking of majestic dignity, just another month until fall. Whoooot! What a world it will be in North America! I can't wait. Much as I love summer, the fall is my time of year. No matter where I am in another month, be it Florida or New Hampshire or Colorado...New Mexico, Idaho... where was I? Oh, no matter where I am in another month, I look forward to the change in the season.

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With the kids starting school early this year, it looks like we will be sending them back to Our Lady of Lourdes. Yes, I contemplated home-schooling them for the time being, but Matt and I are a little uncertain I have the discipline level to do it well, and do it right. I'm NOT offended by this assessment. Plus, Matt will be home--as he has been all summer--and I know it's not easy for him to concentrate when the kids are hanging close by.

So that's two decisions we've made in the last month. Not bad for a married coupled. LOL The first being our decision to not go to Montana. The funny thing is, I struggled with this decision. Part of me wanted to go, to make it work, the practical part of me kept seeing all the things that would stand in the way of actually getting what we want [and need] up there. First and foremost is our desire to live in a smaller town. Great Falls, though smaller than where we live now, is still 60K populated city. And in order to get the resources we need for our son who is blind, we would have to live IN the city school district. We couldn't even go ten minutes up the highway to the next town over. It's been tricky, and a little heartbreaking to work the logistics of this event [I almost said catastrophe! LOL].

Wow, long post.
I'll be visiting with my parents tomorrow, they are on their way to Indianapolis where they will live... for now. :D We are lucky that they will be closer to us, for however long that is.
God Bless your weekend.