Week Two--JUNE 1--relocation, again

My head his swimming. Matt and I spent last week revising and updating his resume and cover letter [though, he'll redo the cover letter with each company if need be]. We're both anxious--Matt because he wants to find a job he likes isn't sure it's what he's been doing for ten years--Me, because the research that goes into relocating is overwhelming, to say the least. Schools, doctors, ocularists, blind services, real estate, topography [yes, we research topography]. What am I missing? I always think of stuff after the fact. Let's not forget the question, what does God want us to do? [seriously pulling my hair on that one] Does God micromanage? *sigh* Being part of God's will is important to us... so I've been on line searching for the burning bush and a deep, manly voice to tell us what to do next--I've got nothing. ;-)

Anyone near Cedar Rapids, IA?
How about Boise, ID?
*tap tap tap*
anyone out there????
Hello? God? Are you there? It's me, Marg...Bethanne.
Maybe He's in Bountiful, UT...